Sellafield Ltd Grants/Reusable Equipment

If your organisation supports people in Copeland, Allerdale or Warrington you may be eligible to apply for a grant/reusable equipment.

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If your organisation supports people in Copeland, Allerdale or Warrington you may be eligible to apply for a grant/reusable equipment. We will only support projects that are near one of our sites. This is defined as the district council area where the site is located and, where sites are close to authority boundaries, the neighbouring district council:

  • Sellafield (local authority districts: Copeland and Allerdale)

  • Warrington (maximum grant consideration - £5,000)

Within these areas, we can award grants to local organisations, provided they are:

  • community/voluntary/charity groups that already exist - local branches ofnational charities are only eligible if money raised is spent locally

  • state funded education provider or pre-school group (but not all types of costs can be supported and nothing which is a statutory obligation of another authority or department will besupported)

  • public sector bodies

  • a company (but support must be state aid compliant and cannot be used to subsidise a business)

What is reusable equipment?

Examples of reusable equipment include:

  • filing cabinets

  • desks

  • chairs

  • tables

  • cupboards

  • flood lights

Some items are excluded including: IT and electrical equipment. For further clarification email:


To be considered for Sellafield Ltd re-usable equipment, you must be applying on behalf of a social enterprise, voluntary or community group.

Boroughs eligible to apply are:

  • Copeland

  • Allerdale

  • Warrington


All of the funding for the delivery of the Sellafield Ltd mission, including our Social Impact funding, is provided by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

The NDA is a non-departmental public body which reports to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

The funding provided by the NDA is intended to ensure that our communities avoid adverse outcomes. We want to take a strategic, longer-term perspective and ensure decisions are focused on transformative outcomes, issues of evidenced need and opportunity.


This grant is open to applications.

How to apply

When to apply

You can apply for grants at any time, but requests will only be considered during committee meetings.

How to apply

To apply for funding please follow this link to the Sellafield Ltd application form.

If you are applying for funding over £10,000, please email the our Social Impact team to check that your project meets the criteria before you apply -

Application and information required

All projects supported by Sellafield Ltd need to be supported by a written application for funding.

When applications are assessed, other than those that are classified as ‘small’, we will look at 5 aspects of the application:

  1. strategic case

  2. economic case

  3. commercial case

  4. financial case

  5. management case

These 5 aspects will form the business case for the application. We take a balanced approach when assessing all applications.

Large applications

Will be subject to a full business case, in line with the detailed points set out below. We’ll consider funding feasibility studies and work to develop business cases for large projects provided the applicant makes a robust case (if you are applying for funding for a feasibility study, please use the application form for small or medium applications).

Medium applications

Will be appraised according to a summary of the 5 aspects of your application (as detailed above), as prompted in our standard application form.

Small applications

Will not be subject to a business case, but a limited amount of evidence, as proof of spend and outcome, will be required. An end of project report will be required.

Assessing your application

We will assess each application to demonstrate the following evidence:

  • the local need/opportunity a project is addressing

  • whether a project features or is aligned with the Sellafield Ltd Social Impact strategy

  • if a project is not aligned to the NDA local and social economic impact strategy, as set out in Section 5 page 17, then it needs to align with at least one of the NDA’s “themes” and show it can generate measurable outcomes

  • the application form or business case needs to set out levels of local support for the project and how this local support is expressed (for example financial support, in-kind, policy)

  • the project is consistent with, and ideally supports national or local government strategies

  • does not duplicate core activity which is funded by any government departments or local councils

Supporting information

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