BBSRC international travel award scheme

You can apply for up to £3000 to cover travel and subsistence when travelling outside the UK in support of your BBSRC-funded research.

  • Opening date: (Midnight)
  • Closing date: (Midnight)

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International travel awards are for BBSRC-supported researchers making visits to initiate or prepare proposals with international partners, visiting overseas facilities for up to one month or attending European consortia-building events.

Funding of up to £3,000 is limited to travel and subsistence costs.


You can apply for support if you are:

  • a holder of a current BBSRC research grant

  • a BBSRC-supported researcher employed at BBSRC institutes.

The application must be made by a principal investigator, but the principal investigator does not have to be the one travelling. Students are not eligible.

You can only apply after your BBSRC grant has started, and there must be at least six months remaining on your project from the start of the international travel award.


Our international travel awards support:

  • short-term travel for initial contacts with international partners to discuss or prepare proposals for international programmes

  • up to one month visiting specific facilities not available in the UK, undertaking a piece of work, or gaining access to techniques or materials of benefit to your BBSRC research project or team

  • attendance at European consortia-building events to discuss a future role in it.

Funding is limited to travel and subsistence costs of up to £3,000. It cannot be used to fund salary, consumables, equipment or other research costs.


How to apply

You must apply using the Joint Electronic Submission system (Je-S) at least six weeks before you travel.

When applying select:

  • council: BBSRC

  • document type: standard proposal

  • scheme: international travel award scheme

  • call/type/mode: international travel award.

Your application must also have as attachments:

  • a case for support, including dates and duration, scientific objective, summary of previous contacts, proposed activity, proposed future activity and benefit to your research and UK science in general

  • a covering letter, which should include any private, personal or commercial interests relating to the application

  • any pertinent recent publications

  • costs in line with travel and subsistence regulations at your institution and the BBSRC grants guide.

Letters of support from international partners may be included but are not mandatory.

Please read the full BBSRC guidance on international travel awards (PDF, 258KB) before applying.

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