Woodland Partnership (Forestry England)

A lease scheme available to private and public landowners with options of 60 or 120 years. Forestry England (FE) are looking for land plots suitable for tree planting ideally of 50Ha+. Once the lease is agreed FE will design, plant and manage the new woodland and the landowner will receive a negotiated rent.

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The Forestry England Woodland Partnership offers long-term rental income to farmers, landowners and public bodies in return for a minimum 50-hectare lease. The partnership offer has attracted a high number of applicants interested in the chance to diversify their farming or landowning businesses and receive guaranteed, regular payments by leasing areas of land for Forestry England to create and manage new woodland.

Forestry England is encouraging anyone interested in the partnership scheme to apply at a time that suits them and will regularly assess applications throughout the year. As part of the Nature for Climate Fund to support the government’s tree planting commitment, the Forestry England Woodland Partnership aims to create at least 2,000 hectares of predominantly broadleaf woodland over the next five years.


This lease scheme is open to both public and private landowners with suitable sites.


The lease scheme will deliver 2,360 Ha’s of new woodland which is open to public access and managed as part of the public forest estate. Landowners will receive a guaranteed competitive annual rent for income forgone which lasts for either 60 or 120 years.


Applications can be submitted at any time. Closing date Dec 2024.

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